Karen is an artist that resides in Edmonton, Alberta. She was born in Montreal and grew up in Quebec city. Her native tung is french and she speaks fluently both, French and English.

She has been residing in Edmonton for 14 years now and it is on her journey here that she has discovered a talent in expressing herself through drawing.

She works as a professional organizer for a living and draws on her spare time as a means to heal and grow.

This ability came to her several years ago as a complete surprise.

In the midst of great difficulty with her health being compromised, she came to realize that a crucial part of her healing process would be to learn to be in her body and learn to settle through her thoughts and feelings as they rise up within, without the urge to react or run away from them.

She knew that it is from that space that she would learn to care, relax and get to know herself.

Since she was feeling weak at the time, grabbing a pen and paper seem to be the most natural thing to do.

And that is when the process began. Every line she draws is a feeling she allows herself to feel. And as she does so, she intently focuses on what is most precious within, and expresses what she sees as that on paper.

When she began, she was not drawing for the result but for the goodness she knew in it. And to her own amazement, she loved what she saw and began putting her drawings up all over the walls of her home.

Initially, she thoughts they would remain as her personal journal. But with time, she has come to realize that she would love to share them with others so others can enjoy them just as much as she does.

She has now decided to share some of her work online in the hopes of soon having her first exhibit and selling some of her most prized pieces.